Style Flocker

Style Flocker for InDesign CS3 1.0.1

Create and manage your styles in Adobe InDesign

RogueSheep's Style Flocker manages your character, paragraph and object styles within Adobe® InDesign®. Group and apply all of your styles within a single palette, as well as see the currently applied style or styles within your document.

Styles can be grouped according to your needs. Each group, or 'flock', can hold any combination of character, paragraph and/or object styles, and any style can appear as many times as suits your needs. Flocks can also contain other flocks, allowing you to organize all of your styles based on your own individual workflow.

The Style Flocker palette shows you the currently applied styles in an easy to read status section at the top of the palette. If you have multiple styles applied to the current selection, a list of all of them will be shown in the status section. You can also drag and drop the currently applied style(s) from the status area into one of your flocks.

Creating flocks is a snap! Just drag and drop styles from the styles palettes, or use the convenient palette menu items to add styles. Flocks can have sub-flocks and styles can be added and deleted to these with the push of a button.

After creating and organizing your styles, hide the InDesign style palettes; Style Flocker allows both application and display of applied styles, so you save valuable screen real estate.

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Style Flocker


Style Flocker for InDesign CS3 1.0.1

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